Healing from Trauma

Anyone who has endured the trauma of rape will want to listen to Sheila’s conversation with Danielle DeLaney, a crisis interventionist who uses her personal experience of victimization to help others learn resilience in the face of the greatest trauma.

Find Danielle at www.DanielleDeLaneyCounseling.Com

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1 reply
  1. Julie
    Julie says:

    This was really touching. Danielle Delaney’s website was what I looked at immediately following hearing the interview. Her competence is evident as is her strength! My god, to have survived such a thing. These are the kinds of things most never recover from but here she is, telling the story of why she is alive when she really shouldn’t be with such circumstances. What an example of a leader and of resilience. Thanks for finding her, Sheila Hamilton. Fascinating & I won’t soon forget this story.

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