Friends! We have a book cover!

Friends! We have a book cover!  And, Seal Press says it’s going to be published first in hardback! Look for it in November 2015.

All the Things We NeverKnew



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3 replies
  1. Melissa Rosenberry
    Melissa Rosenberry says:

    Good morning Shiela,

    I can’t wait for this book to come out. I don’t even know how I ended up finding your cite.

    I woke up way too early with all the worries of my husbands mental issues rushing inside of me. I left my bed because the stress of waking him up was too much for me to take. I spend each day trying to set everything in its place, praying nothing will trigger an episode. I have spent the last 20 years doing this. He suffers from extream anxiety, depression, and is uncontrollable at times.
    He refuses help. It causes way to much stress to even talk about it. It can be one tiny thing that happens, maybe it was even days ago. He can’t let it go, he will dwell on it. Then explode, he will rant, and yell, slamming doors, maybe throwing things. Never doing much damage, or physical harm. (Even if it is threatened to others or himself often.)
    Which is usually the way it goes. It can last as long as 24 hrs, but usually much shorter. I have learned to go along with what ever he says to avoid conflict. It makes life easier. It seems the older he gets the less he can take disagreement. If I say I don’t understand something he shuts down and won’t talk for a while. That’s my first sign, at that point I’m very carful. I can see it happen before my eyes. I have learned to understand how to change the pattern sometimes. We have two children, our son just graduated high school and our daughter will next year. I just continue to pray we make it through until they are out of the house. I have managed to keep him mostly away from them during these times. Although they can hear him and are aware of the mood swings. I am terrified it could be something the might deal with in their lives also. His family has many people effected with his same issues.
    Thank you so much for all of your information. It helps just having someone to look to for support.

    • Sheila Hamilton
      Sheila Hamilton says:


      Are you able to find a support group? Your local NAMI likely has a free and confidential group that could help you navigate the difficult territory your family is in. Please also refer to my interview with Dr. Xavier Amador about the care of someone with a mental illness. Most of all, take good care of yourself. As they say in the airlines, put your oxygen mask on first.


  2. Dave
    Dave says:


    Your husband sounds like me just last fall and on many other occasions over the decades. I saw a psychologist who was just a little helpful, but my greatest relief came from reading a book that I already had on my bookshelf called Dealing with Depression Naturally by Sid Baumel (1995). I am now on a regimen of vitamin supplements including B, C, D, and Zinc–with heavier doses of C and D. I’m not saying this would be right for everyone, but I do believe that there was a nutritional component to my depression which seems to have been resolved by vitamin supplements. I still have stress and occasional bouts of depression, but not those overwhelmingly dark moods where I used to feel a physical manifestation of my depression as an oppressive weight or tightness in my chest. Best of all, I’m no longer thinking about ways to kill myself, but am watching YouTube videos and thinking about gathering the gear I’ll need to try surf perch fishing for the first time this spring. (I’m engaged in living again.)

    Good Luck! Hope and recovery is possible!


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