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AFM19 Web You probably know Sheila Hamilton as the director and host of KINK FM’s Morning Show, on the air weekdays from 5:00 a.m. (Sheesh!) to 9:30 a.m. She’s smart. She’s witty. She has a great voice. Whether the topic is politics, culture, music, or fashion (and she’s definitely one of Portland’s most fashionable figures), […]

‘What Should We Have Known?’

A conversation with FOX News Health host, Dr. Manny Alvarez. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Mental illness, unlike breast cancer, isn’t celebrated with big marches or pink ribbons. The stigma is stifling and it prevents most people from seeking help. David, my husband, refused to accept the label of bipolar disorder. He could not […]

Watching the Hawks Interview

On this episode of “Watching the Hawks” Sheila Hamilton joins Tyrel and Tabetha to talk about the bane of mental illness in our society and how the pharmaceutical industry is not properly equipped to help people cope with their psychological disorders.

An Open Letter to Responsible Gun Owners

I was one of the television reporters on the scene of Oregon’s first mass shooting, May 21, 1998. When Kip Kinkel opened fire in a lunchroom full of his fellow classmates, many of the students thought the sounds of gunfire was a joke or they would have ducked for cover sooner. I’ll never forget the […]

NY Times Bestselling Author Cheryl Strayed Interviews Sheila Hamilton

The tweet of a lifetime. Sometimes, 142 characters does a lot of heavy lifting. I interviewed the brilliant, smart, lovely @SheilaHamilton about her great new memoir, All the Things We Never Knew: https://t.co/v8PoEclzkx — Cheryl Strayed (@CherylStrayed) September 28, 2015 Click the Soundcloud link here https://soundcloud.com/kinkfm/ny-times-bestselling-author-cheryl-strayed-interviews-sheila-hamilton?utm_source=soundcloud  as the fabulous Cheryl Strayed interviews Sheila Hamilton.   ‘All […]

Music, play and faith in mental wellness

Ty Taylor is the explosive and dynamic frontman for Vintage Trouble, a funk, soul and rock band out of Los Angeles who is now playing to crowds upward of 125,000. The band has opened for the Rolling Stones, The Who, and just finished touring with ACDC. I don’t know who loves them more, the critics […]