NY Times Bestselling Author Cheryl Strayed Interviews Sheila Hamilton

The tweet of a lifetime. Sometimes, 142 characters does a lot of heavy lifting.

Click the Soundcloud link here https://soundcloud.com/kinkfm/ny-times-bestselling-author-cheryl-strayed-interviews-sheila-hamilton?utm_source=soundcloud  as the fabulous Cheryl Strayed interviews Sheila Hamilton.   ‘All the Things We Never Knew.’

Music, play and faith in mental wellness

Ty Taylor is the explosive and dynamic frontman for Vintage Trouble, a funk, soul and rock band out of Los Angeles who is now playing to crowds upward of 125,000. The band has opened for the Rolling Stones, The Who, and just finished touring with ACDC. I don’t know who loves them more, the critics or the fans.

Taylor’s energy channels the positivity of another time, a modern day James Brown reminding us all to go to the club to forget our worries, to dance until we are soaking wet with sweat, to jump and play and get out of our effing heads for once. Vintage Trouble’s performances create a juke joint of joy, with music and community as an ultimate healer.

Ty has strong opinions about wellness, often asking his Facebook followers how they are keeping well, even when the odds of life get complicated. Taylor’s mother, a psychiatric nurse, could have worried about the ADHD nature of her spotlight seeking son. Instead, she encouraged his creativity, she gave him plenty of space to jump, flip, twirl and sing, and she encouraged a belief-system in a higher power.

Get to know Ty Taylor and Vintage Trouble now, before their juke joint gets so packed you can’t get in.

Healing one chord at a time: My Voice Music

I am in LOVE with this program. Ian Mouser is a local singer-songwriter who worked in a therapy setting with kids struggling with behavioral problems. Ian noticed the almost immediate reduction in harmful behavior when he allowed kids to work out their emotions to music. He started a non-profit called My Voice Music where kids find like-minded artists and learn new musical skills, all while giving voice to the thoughts and emotions they are experiencing.

Please give this a listen and share with families whose kids may benefit from the program.